【EVENT】"DARE Route: 2020 Wuling Taiwan" Challenge Invitation

DARE Route is inviting all proud owners of a DARE bike to challenge the Wuling route. If you complete all of the conditions below with your DARE bike, you’ll win one of our DARE Route achievement bundles and the chance to try out our newest products before everyone else!

【GLOBAL】Ethereal Series: MYDARE 2020’s Brilliant New Summer Colors

This summer the MYDARE 2020 custom color palette is introducing brilliant new color options for your bike frame! DARE’s designers were inspired by the shimmery quality of natural minerals to concoct the ethereal Emerald and Bornite palettes. The colors are painted on each frame’s inner section, and they’re an amazing visual experience from every different angle!

【LAUNCH】Limited Edition Desert VSRu and Frontier x DARE Aerosuit

Faster and faster yet, DARE and Frontier’s collaborative aerodynamic designs have just swept onto the market! Cycling clothing brand Frontier has dived deep into the world of pro-level racing skinsuits, utilizing 3D silicone streamlining and form-fitting patterns repeatedly tested in wind tunnels to yield amazing results!


The name of the new handlebar/stem, used by our VSRu, was not rigorously verified; and “VERO” is a trademark registered by FSA. It has caused infringement. Hereby, we express our sincere apologies to FSA and stop using the name immediately.

【LAUNCH】VSRu: A Sleek and Balanced Flight with the Wind

In the next stage of the VSR’s evolution, we’ve used “u” for “ultra” to define the design’s incredible performance and style. The VSRu’s exclusive VERO aero handlebars, disk brake cover, integrated cable routing, aerodynamic frame shape, and exquisite hand-painted finish combine to take you on a sleek and balanced flight with the wind.
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