【PRODUCT】The Beauty of Taiwan's Taroko Gorge, in Hand-Painted Ombre: DARE MR1s KOM EDITION

MR1s KOM EDITION is based on the lightweight MR1s and finished with colors from Taroko -- the inky blue of the Liwu River, teal rocks, greenish ore, grass green, and marble gray. The characters from Wuling’s famous landmark sign are emblazoned on the frame as well, along with DARE’s Real Ride totem graphic.

【PRODUCT】DARE x Team nabiis Design Launching in Limited Countries

DARE’s custom paint for the MR1s Team nabiis Edition is inspired by Op art pioneer Victor Vasarely’s series of Capella paintings. Aggressive, geometric lines of color dart across the framesets assymetrically, imbuing them with the spirit of nabiis.

【PRODUCT】DARE BIKES Unveils the GF Series for 2019: Breakthrough Designs Bringing More Adaptability to the Road

For 2019, DARE BIKES proudly presents the all new carbon GF series, rounding out DARE’s already impressive lineup. In contrast to the lightweight MR1s and aerodynamic VSRs, DARE’s GF series focuses on the needs of long distance and leisure cycling. The GF series is prepared to handle adventures over any type of terrain, whether it’s forest trails or asphalt roads. Two models, the GFX and GFE, form the GF series.

【EVENT】 Pre-order for GFE and GFX

Time to ride beyond the road this summer! DARE's brand new models, GFE and GFX, are fresh out of the oven! European customers are welcome to place pre-orders now!

【TEAM】Uno-X Team Raced in Tour of Norway UCI 2.HC

This week our sponsorship team raced the HC category stage race Tour of Norway. the team had a good week with riders in the breakaway 3 out of 5 days and holding the U23 jersey from start and almost to the end.
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