【Global】DARE’s Versatile GFX Wins a Taipei Cycle d&i Award

After winning a Golden Pin design award in 2018, the GFX has been honored once again with a Taipei Cycle d&i award. It is the DARE team’s honor to receive this recognition of innovation as well as the GFX’s exceptional design and performance. We will strive to continue working closely with the needs of cyclists to create products.

【GLOBAL】DARE's GFX wins 2018 Golden Pin Design Award!

DARE Bikes received third Golden Pin Design Award for the GFX.

【EVENT】Triathlon Season’s Thank You Event! Free Upgrade from Ultegra Di2 to Dura-Ace Di2

The TSR has its roots in triathlons and time trials, races against the clock. As a thank you to fans around the world, DARE is offering an amazing opportunity for free upgrades: get the Dura-Ace Di2 at the same price as the TSR Ultegra Di2! (Promotion not available in Europe)

【PRODUCT】The Beauty of Taiwan's Taroko Gorge, in Hand-Painted Ombre: DARE MR1s KOM EDITION

MR1s KOM EDITION is based on the lightweight MR1s and finished with colors from Taroko -- the inky blue of the Liwu River, teal rocks, greenish ore, grass green, and marble gray. The characters from Wuling’s famous landmark sign are emblazoned on the frame as well, along with DARE’s Real Ride totem graphic.

【PRODUCT】DARE x Team nabiis Design Launching in Limited Countries

DARE’s custom paint for the MR1s Team nabiis Edition is inspired by Op art pioneer Victor Vasarely’s series of Capella paintings. Aggressive, geometric lines of color dart across the framesets assymetrically, imbuing them with the spirit of nabiis.
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