【TEAM】DARE x Bryton Racing Team - Building an Elite Taiwanese Team

Mar. 15th, 2023





Taiwanese cycling computer brand Bryton founded Bryton Racing Team with the aim of creating a professional environment that allows Taiwanese cyclists to fully dedicate their time to the sport. They are currently the only cycling team in Taiwan to offer their athletes a full-time salary, and not only that, the team’s combination of both high-level performance and style is also a standout in Taiwan’s cycling scene.






Bryton Racing Team captain Dean Lu has many years of experience on the national team under his belt and leads a team of already outstanding performers including Wu Chih-Hao, Su Yu-Ming, Hsiung Kai-Wen, and Chiu Sheng-Hsin. After competing in multiple local races back to back, Bryton Racing Team became the first Taiwanese team to receive an invitation to Japanese league J Pro Tour in 2022, an opportunity to race against elite Asia Tour teams. In 2023, the team recruited new members Hong Kun-Hong and Chen Jian-Liang, both well-known cyclists, preparing to charge head-on into the year’s racing season. 






As a fellow Taiwanese brand, DARE Bikes fully supports Bryton in their efforts to cultivate and sustain talented Taiwanese cyclists. DARE has sponsored Bryton team members with road bike MA-AFO, sporting Bryton Racing Team’s first exclusive team edition color scheme, and time trial bike TSRf, bringing the team not only high-performance machines but also a memorable style. 



Team manager and Bryton CEO Wang Sheng-min expressed, “We’re very thankful for DARE Bikes’ full support of our vision and our aligned goals. Within a short amount of time, DARE Bikes was able to communicate effectively with our team to accurately assess their needs and create an amazing custom look for Bryton Racing Team. We’re training hard for excellent scores in our upcoming races and look forward to the exciting new heights our partnership will bring to Taiwanese cycling!” 






MA-AFO/TSRf Bryton Racing Team frames use the team’s indigo blue color as a base, are then dusted with a slight matte finish and topped off with a bold DARE logo that brings a sense of energy and momentum. A Bryton Racing Team logo graces the top tubes, tying together the look of a dedicated, professional cycling team. 





DARE Bikes’ debut with Bryton Cycling Team will be at the nation’s highest-level competition, the Tour de Taiwan. Dean Lu is representing Taiwan’s national team in the race. He says, “I fell in love with the MA-AFO at first sight! Its unique style paired with our team color looks stunning, and during hardcore training I was so impressed with the bike’s efficient power transfer, responsive steering, and of course how lightweight it is. MA-AFO is a truly competitive bike, and I’m excited to see how we’ll perform together!”








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