We are dedicated to building the highest performance and best quality into each DARE bike.
Each DARE bike is made of carbon fiber in various shapes and sizes, meticulously calculated by computers. We designed carbon fiber layup according to the strength needed for different parts of a frame, and used electronic cutting machines to remove unwanted parts. We took on the challenge of creating the lightest frame while retaining strength and stiffness. To achieve reduced weight, we have even taken the weight of paint into consideration. All of our bike frames are painted by professional craftsmen, who use the least paint possible to cover the entire frame while dressing it up. We also greatly emphasize the safety of our cyclists. Before being manufactured, all DARE products have to undergo various destructive tests, including fatigue tests, pressure tests, crash tests, and the like. Under strict standards set by ISO400, the entire bicycle has to remain intact during destructive testing. In order to ensure the safety of our cyclists, DARE pushed to enhance strength by 20% in all tests.
All technologies
  • All technologies
  • MR1s
  • MR1s DB
  • VSR
  • APS

    [ Asymmetric Power Strengthen (APS) ]
    DARE embeds APS, which emphasizes the junction of seat tube, lower left chainstay and bottom bracket (BB), on all models’ frame design.
    A larger pedaling force is usually exerted on the right pedal which can cause the BB to deform and deflect leftwards. Therefore, the tube diameter is enlarged on the left chainstay to withstand such forces and transfer as close to 100% of pedaling force to the wheels as possible.

    [ Inner Mold Core Smooth Technology (IMCST) ]
    DARE bike frame applies IMCST to create a smooth inner wall within the frame for tight and robust carbon yarn lamination as well as improving frame stiffness by 15%. 

    [ Multiple Synthetic Hot-Melted Carbon (MSHMC) ]
    DARE collaborates with Japanese carbon fiber company TORAY to develop low FAW (Fiber Areal Weight) carbon fiber.
    MSHMC's thickness and weight are only half of the traditional carbon fiber. In order to keep weight to a minimum, DARE's carbon fiber layering design creates optimal stiffness and torsional resistance by applying different directions and angles. DARE only uses the best material in production and promises our riders the best quality.
  • MWMI

    [ Minimum Weight / Maximum Intensity (MWMI) ]
    To minimize frame weight yet maintain high flexibility and strength, DARE engineers calculate the best diameters of the frame tubes and use the latest hollow molding technology that provides DARE riders the best riding experience and performance.
  • TMT

    [ T+M Technology (TMT) ]
    DARE applies special aerospace high modulus carbon fiber (M series) and high strength carbon fiber (T series), on different regions of the frame design.

    It is like spaceships requiring both high stiffness and toughness. It cannot be achieved by using only high tensile force carbon yarn (T series). It has to combine with high modulus carbon fiber (M series) which has large torsional resistance that optimizes deformation resistance. With these two series, DARE’s frames guarantee rider’s best riding performance and safety.
  • DI2CR

    [ Direct Integrated Internal Cable Routing (DI2CR) ]
    Based on computer calculated data, DI2CR is a cable routing system DARE engineers install inside the frame that improves gear shifting and braking efficiency. DI2CR plays a vital role when integrating Shimano Di2/Sram e-TAP. Thus the frame's appearance is concise and more aesthetically appealing. This innovation also saves up to 10g!
  • SPA

    [ Single Bolt Pivot Precise Adjustment (SPA) ]
    DARE applies SPA that allows simpler and more direct installation for riders to adjust the saddle forward or backward and its incline.
  • GEOM

    [ PRO Geometry Aggressive Mountain (GEOM) ]
    In frame structural design, linear REACH and STACK values are essential components to be consider with. Shorter REACH value allows riders to enjoy both agile climbing controllability and downhill riding stability.
  • WBI

    [ Wind Blade Integration (WBI) ]
    DARE integrates front fork and head tube molding design, so that turbulent airflow is reduced while air flow and side stiffness are increased. This is achieved by an enlarged head tube and front fork cover design that significantly enhances stiffness. In addition, when riding out of the saddle during climbs, WBI provides 100% force feedback without suffering frame deformation.
  • CCF

    [ Comfort Channel Frame Design (CCF) ]
    In order to increase riding comfort without adding extra weight, DARE designs a hollow section between the top tube and the seat post area. Combining with Flake Armor Technology, CCF improves flexibility and shock absorption that reduces the discomfort of riding on bumpy road.
  • ICC

    [ Integrated Chain Catcher (ICC) ]
    DRAE develops an ICC which prevents chain from slipping off the small ring during gear changing. It enables riders to pedal and shift without worries.
  • AAS

    [ Aerodynamic Adjustable Seat (AAS) ]
    DARE aerodynamics model series’ seat post integrates adjustable seat clamp with 73 to 77 degrees of variable seat tube angle. In addition to the angle of 74 degrees supported by general road bike with respect to comfort geometry, an angle of 77 degrees may also be adjusted for time trial geometry to provide the best explosive power for sprint in typical triathlon competition. Moreover, Di2 battery holder is integrated into seat post, such that all Di2 cables are combined inside the frame to keep concise appearance of the bike body.
  • III

    [ Integrated Hanger System Cable (III) ]
    The bike body is more concise with integrated dropout design containing mechanical cable hole and Di2 cable hole. No doubt that this is the most complex and thoughtful design among existing dropouts for road bikes.
  • IHS

    [ Integrated Hidden Seatclamp (IHS) ]
    IHS is a seatclamp merged integrally with top tube. Other than the effects of hydromechanics, the compact top tube is shaped as a blade to provide a stunning visual impact.
  • HRB

    [ Hidden DM Rear Brake (HRB) ]
    DARE also considers rear brake in its aerodynamics integration design by covering Direct Mount brake on the bottom of bottom bracket to minimize air resistance. Combining HRB design with direct pulling brake internal routing, DRAE provides the most efficient direct braking.
  • TSB

    [ Transformer Stem Bar (TSB) ]
    TSB integrates a stem-handle bar system to provide various extended lengths and angles for use. Based on the UCI 3:1 regulation, more adjustment spaces are provided for the integrated system used by TSR, such that riders could configure the best riding posture with respect to ergonomics without feeling uncomfortable during a long-term race.
  • TSIC

    [ Total Synchro-Integrated Cable (TSIC) ]
    TSIC is an innovatively integrated internal routing system that conceals the derailleur cable and brake within the frame completely. In addition to perfect compact profile, turbulent flow and interference from cables for time trials are both configured to minimize air resistance.
  • RAC

    [ Rotating Angle Controller (RAC) ]
    RAC is a hidden stem steering limiter that guarantees riders to keep the bike forward. When in race, RAC prevents handle bar from colliding with the top tube due to the deflection of the bike head.
  • HIA

    [ Horizontal Inline Aerofoil (HIA) ]
    To balance hydromechanics and air turbulent flow for forward motion, DARE has developed a way to provide down force for positive airflow. The upper edge of the front fork crown is aligned with the rear stay wind breaking wing in design. The airflow passes through the front fork crown to the rear stay that generates down force to improve stability of the rear triangle, enhancing pedaling revolution efficiency.
  • AOB

    [ Aero Oversize BB (AOB) ]
    AOB utilizes PF86.5mm wide axle BB to aid in profile design and a 3:1 down tube is joined with BB to maximize space! Therefore, a very high flexibility and rigidity-torsional resistance remains under high speed revolution during pedaling that provides TSR the best output efficiency.
  • FAT

    [ Flake Armor Technology (FAT) ]
    DARE exclusively selects FAT, a woven carbon fiber from UK company Sigmatex, for frame protection and high tensile modulus. Its special fish-like scale pattern gives the frame a great texture as well as being lightweight. Moreover, FAT provides a more shock-absorbing riding experience and a sense of comfort.
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