TSR is designed to gain time with the minimum drag coefficient. Every second counts, and victory is up for grabs.
    Mount the bike and get the vibe. Move like a jaguar and feel the change. Get ready for the pedal power: you will be unstoppable.
  • [ Aerodynamic Adjustable Seat (AAS) ]
    DARE aerodynamics model series’ seat post integrates adjustable seat clamp with 73 to 77 degrees of variable seat tube angle. In addition to the angle of 74 degrees supported by general road bike with respect to comfort geometry, an angle of 77 degrees may also be adjusted for time trial geometry to provide the best explosive power for sprint in typical triathlon competition. Moreover, Di2 battery holder is integrated into seat post, such that all Di2 cables are combined inside the frame to keep concise appearance of the bike body.
  • [ Integrated Hidden Seatclamp (IHS) ]
    IHS is a seatclamp merged integrally with top tube. Other than the effects of hydromechanics, the compact top tube is shaped as a blade to provide a stunning visual impact.
  • [ Hidden DM Rear Brake (HRB) ]
    DARE also considers rear brake in its aerodynamics integration design by covering Direct Mount brake on the bottom of bottom bracket to minimize air resistance. Combining HRB design with direct pulling brake internal routing, DRAE provides the most efficient direct braking.
  • [ Transformer Stem Bar (TSB) ]
    TSB integrates a stem-handle bar system to provide various extended lengths and angles for use. Based on the UCI 3:1 regulation, more adjustment spaces are provided for the integrated system used by TSR, such that riders could configure the best riding posture with respect to ergonomics without feeling uncomfortable during a long-term race.
  • [ Total Synchro-Integrated Cable (TSIC) ]
    TSIC is an innovatively integrated internal routing system that conceals the derailleur cable and brake within the frame completely. In addition to perfect compact profile, turbulent flow and interference from cables for time trials are both configured to minimize air resistance.
  • [ Rotating Angle Controller (RAC) ]
    RAC is a hidden stem steering limiter that guarantees riders to keep the bike forward. When in race, RAC prevents handle bar from colliding with the top tube due to the deflection of the bike head.
all size chart (mm)
Frame size
47 (XXS) 50 (XS) 56 (S) 59 (M) 61 (L)
Height (cm)
157 I 170 167 I 180 175 I 187 185 I 195 193 I 205
ST lengthA
477 506 569 591 610
Effective TTB
477 486 524 537 554
HT lengthC
55 64 83 103 123
RC lengthD
400 400 400 400 400
952 943 965 989 1011
HT angleF
70 73 73 73 73.2
ST angleG
75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80 75-80
BB dropH
75 75 75 75 75
370 375 395 404 430
460 466 487 505 522
Reach armI2
430-490 436-496 457-517 475-535 492-552
464 480 501 519 538
502 515 533 553 572
Stack armJ2
550-637 563-650 581-668 601-688 620-707
731 757 819 839 858
FK lengthL
376 376 376 376 376
Integrated Handlebar
All carbon molded integrated handlebar, comparing with the separate stem and handlebar combination, we offer up to 12 sizes to choose from. Please see the chart for comparison.
MyDARE Stem Change Offer
Once you find that the stem doesn’t fit you, you can replace the old stem with a new stem of a different size for free!
Now you can save the hassle with DARE’s “Stem Change Offer”! When you purchase a DARE bike online, in addition to freely selecting a stem of the right size, you can ask for a second stem within one month of receiving the product. This means that you will get a brand new stem for free!
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