Uno-X Women’s World Team
【 UCI World Tour - Norway 】

Uno-X believes that a complete cycling team must have a women’s team, and set about building a World Tour level pro-team, offering female athletes a healthy environment with equal pay that sustains focus on training and success. DARE wholeheartedly agrees with this and has supported Uno-X fully, we’re excited to see what’s in store for the first official year of Uno-X Women’s World Team!

Managed by Danish former professional cyclist Lars Ytting Bak, the women’s Uno-X team has both proven racers and talented rookies, including leaders Hannah Barnes of Canyon-SRAM and Suzanne Andersen of DSM, and world hour record holder Joscelin Lowden and Olympic medalist Elinor Barker. With these powerful talents and their MA-AFOs, Uno-X is fully prepared to take the World Tour by storm.
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UnoX Pro Team
【 UCI Pro Team - Norway 】

UnoX is an important partner of DARE EU, both sharing huge dedication and passion for cycling sports. After testing out DARE’s MR1s in 2018 to amazing results, UnoX determined that DARE would be the last critical factor in their journey up the UCI rankings. UnoX is led by former national team coach Stig Kristiansen and former professional cyclist and Team Sky coach Kurt Asle Arvensen. The team rode the MR1sDB and customized time trial bike TSRf to victory in multiple races and Norway’s national championships, earning UCI Pro Team status in 2020 and becoming one of the top 38 teams in the world. In 2021, UnoX is even more prepared to conquer in high-level UCI Pro events.
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Team nabiis
【 Club Team - Taiwan 】

nabiis is a Taiwanese cycling club and brand with roots in fixed gear bicycles. With an intense passion for cycling and a unique style, nabiis gathered plenty of followers over their years of promoting cycling culture and sports. In 2018, nabiis ventured into the world of road bikes in a partnership with DARE, leading to one-of-a-kind designs for a team that would go on to race in multiple events. The two brands also collaborated on Kudos! race, which promotes the diversification of cycling activities and provides exciting new challenges for cycling enthusiasts.
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