DARE values each and every of our bike owners. We sincerely hope that every customer can enjoy a real and wonderful ride. If you have any queries or need other services aside from riding, leave it to the DARECARE after-sales service!

DARECARE after-sales service
Free returns within seven days
All customers who purchase DARE products are entitled to free returns within seven days after receiving their bikes. If you find that the product was damaged during transportation, or that the frame or paint has defects, please contact our DARE customer service representatives within seven days for returns and exchanges. (DARE reserves the right to assess whether or not there is truly a flaw.)
For more details, please see Returns/Exchanges

Customer service line:886-2-8693-2330
Customer service email:service@dare-bikes.com
DARE Line:@darebikes
A maximum of six-year warranty
If you register your DARE product on our website www.Dare-bikes.com at the time of receiving it, the original three-year warranty can be extended to six years.
For more details, please see Warranty Policies.
Crash Replacement Program within 3 years
During the three years after you register your product online, you will be entitled to the “Crash Replacement Program”. If your bike is damaged after the warranty period, “Crash Replacement Program” gives you a maximum of 50% discount (the discount differs according to the years of usage) to replace your old DARE accessories with the same or similar ones (including bike frames, handlebars and seat tubes).
For more details, please see Crash Replacement Policies.
Maintenance at DARE's manufacturer
We will send you maintenance notice on a regular basis. You can choose to send your bike to DARE's manufacturer or to one of DARE’s authorized bike shops. To ensure your riding safety, DARECARE offers high-quality and professional maintenance service. If you have any requests for maintenance or repair, please contact us.
Customer appreciation event for DARE bike owners
From time to time DARE organizes appreciation events for our DARE bike owners, which indludes giving out gifts offered by DARE, DARE club activities, free maintenance, product discounts, and so on.
DARE package box “EZ BOX” turns into a bike-carrying box
EZBOX is specially designed for bike transportation. You can also use this sturdy box to carry your bike without removing the rear wheel. With fold lines marked on the box, it is easy to fold and store, saving more space than regular bike boxes.

In addition, there are reusable straps, Velcro straps, and high-density foam in this EZBOX. You will also find protectors for the rear shifter and quick release, as well as the front fork bracket and triangular frame mount inside. These protection devices can keep your bike very secure. If you also purchase portable wheels, you can easily carry your bike anywhere you want.
For more details about EZBOX, please see “Bike Owner’s Manual”.
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DARE has the right to cancel or revise the policy without additional notification. Please refer to the latest policies on our official website.
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