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DARE has always placed importance on having the right fit for everyone, and so all DARE models have linear reach/stack values across every size, making it easy for riders to find their most suitable frame size. This seemingly simple feature actually involves adjusting complicated details across a frame’s geometry, and so most other bicycle brands on the market don’t bother to do this. DARE however, insists on continuous improvement.

Once you have your height and inseam height measurements, you’ll be able to quickly find the best DARE frame size for you on the sizing guide. If there are two size recommendations, the final choice will need to be determined by your specific cycling needs, and we recommend that you contact the nearest DARE distributor or retailer for professional consultation and service.
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Bike Fitting Service

DARE only produces top quality frames, guaranteeing excellent performance to each of our bike owners. We hope that every DARE owner has the best riding experiences possible, and bike sizing is crucial to that. We strongly recommend that after you find your most suitable frame size, you head to the nearest DARE distributor or retailer for a professional fitting service that will take into account your budget, needs, and cycling habits. We believe there’s a right DARE bike for everyone!
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