Sales Policies

A. Ordering and Payment
When you place your order via our website, you are paying via the third-party payment service, Spgateway, and may choose to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB. All DARE transactions are made in New Taiwan Dollars. If you are using a credit card from another country, your credit card company may charge extra fees for international transactions or currency differences. DARE does not receive any revenue from these additional fees. Please contact your credit card company to learn more. Once the payment is completed, your product is successfully ordered. DARE will reserve your in-stock product, but the order is not completed until the product is delivered from our warehouse to you. We reserve the right to reject any payment or to cancel any order at our discretion.
B. Return Policies
If you find the product is unfit/flawed/wrongly delivered, please contact our customer service within seven days for a return application (you may only be able to return and not exchange certain products due to lack of stock availability). The returned product must be brand new (i.e., it hasn’t been used, worn or assembled) with complete packaging, and you must have the proof of purchase, otherwise DARE will not accept the return.
C. Warranty
  • 1
    Warranty Period (The warranty is for the first registrant only and is not transferable.)
    • (1)
      Frame / Fork
      From 2021 onwards, in order to receive warranty, customers must register online after receiving the product. With the proof of purchase and a DARE warranty card, DARE grants a warranty period of three years (36 months) beginning on the date of purchase. The warranty period can be extended to six years (72 months) if a customer completes the product registration within 30 days after purchase.

      Without the product registration or the proof of purchase, the warranty period is three years (36 months) from the factory delivery date automatically. DARE does not provide warranty for frames or forks to customers who did not register or registered unsuccessfully. Please contact the original distributor or retailer for any questions or concerns.

      Please note that pre-2016 models are granted a warranty period of two years (24 months) beginning on the date of purchase. The period can be extended to three years (36 months) if a customer completes the product registration within 14 days beginning from the date of purchase. Without the product registration or the proof of purchase, the warranty period is two years (24 months) from the factory delivery date automatically. You may purchase older models during a new model year, but please be aware that your warranty may be affected.
    • (2)
      Handlebar / Stem / Seatpost
      With the proof of purchase, DARE grants a warranty period of one year beginning on the date of purchase.

      The proof of purchase must state the date of purchase, product name, amount paid, and must be stamped by the retailer. If the proof of purchase is damaged or lost, warranty cannot be granted. To protect your rights, please keep your receipt or proof of purchase (must state the date of purchase, product name, amount paid, and must be stamped by the retailer). If you have lost any of the documents above, please ask the original place of purchase for assistance. Otherwise, your product will be considered out of warranty.
  • 2
    Warranty Claims
    If a product manufactured by DARE is flawed or needs to be repaired within the scope of warranty, please first contact the nearest distributor or retailer for assistance, or download and complete the ‘DARE Bikes Product Repair Request Form’ via our downloads page. (Please note that the customer is responsible for covering any shipping fees incurred while shipping a product back to DARE.)
    • (1)
      If a product is repaired or replaced within warranty, after replacement, the warranty period of the new product still begins on the original warranty date, which is ‘the date of purchase’.
    • (2)
      When a product is replaced within its warranty period, the replaced product will become DARE’s property.
    • (3)
      In situations unrelated to product flaws and outside the scope of warranty, accessories and handling fees will be charged according to the price provided by the factory.
    • (4)
      Extra fees, such as fees accumulated by assembly and maintenance, transportation, or product malfunction, are not covered by the warranty.
D. Circumstances Not Covered by Warranty
  • 1
    Consumable accessories are not covered by warranty: Accessories such as inner and outer tires, brake pads, braking wires, gear shifting wires, handlebar covers, chainrings, chains, cassettes, rims, and hubs are not eligible for warranty.
  • 2
    The product does not have proof of purchase and date of purchase.
  • 3
    The product is out of warranty.
  • 4
    The bike type and product serial number listed on the warranty do not match with the bike or are incomprehensible.
  • 5
    Product serial number is removed, altered, or incomprehensible.
  • 6
    The bike was not used and maintained properly, according to the instructions.
  • 7
    Damage was caused by invasive detergent, or unfit components and inappropriate maintenance/repair.
  • 8
    The bike was modified- the original specification, paint, or accessories have been altered by the bike owner.
  • 9
    There are noises or vibrations from rotatable parts that do not affect the functioning of the bike.
  • 10
    The bike is frequently used by or lent to many people.
  • 11
    The bike was stored inappropriately, or the paint or color of the metal and plastic components have worn off due to long-term use.
  • 12
    If no flaws were found on the paint of the product within seven days of purchase, all abnormalities related to the bike’s appearance or paint are not covered by warranty.
  • 13
    Damaged caused by the following reasons:
    • (1)
      The product was damaged by a person due to negligence, and excessive or inappropriate use.
    • (2)
      The bike has been inappropriately assembled (e.g., incorrect use of the torque wrench), or there is damage or malfunction caused by repair at unauthorized DARE retailers.
    • (3)
      The bike was not properly disassembled or the genuine accessories have not been used (modified parts that are not genuine were used instead).
    • (4)
      Deterioration caused by time, such as the impact of UV rays (paint color wearing off or turns yellowish), erosion on metal surfaces, etc.
    • (5)
      Paint has been altered or the product has been repainted (in whole or part).
    • (6)
      Damage or malfunction caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, etc.).
    • (7)
      Damage caused by accidents or collisions (bike rack was not used properly, traffic accidents, crashes, crushing or other damage during transportation, incorrect use, or other accidental collisions).
    • (8)
      Damage or malfunction caused by putting excessive weight on the product.
    • (9)
      Damage or malfunction caused by exhaust gas, chemicals, animal feces, erosion by sea water, etc.
    • (10)
      Non-durable parts were not maintained or replaced in a timely manner, leading to damage or malfunction of other components.
    • (11)
      Damage or malfunction caused by riding the bike in places unsuitable for riding or in extreme competitions.
    • (12)
      The seat post was not installed according to safety guidelines, causing deformation or damage of the frame.
E. Crash Replacement Program
Because our frames are made from carbon fiber, if they are damaged or go through a crash, they may crack or break and become unsuitable for riding. With our “DARE Crash Replacement Program”, you can purchase a new bike of the same type at a discounted price (only applies to frame and fork). This offer is viable within three years from the purchase date.

How the Crash Replacement Program works: After you purchase a DARE bike, please register your bike on our website immediately, and you will be qualified for the “DARE Crash Replacement Program” (shipping fee and duties are excluded). If your bike crashes within three years of the product purchase date, this service allows you to purchase another frame of the same or similar type at a discounted price. When you would like to use this service, please contact the original distributor or retailer directly or contact DARE services via email (customer service email: Please attach the DARE Crash Replacement Request (available on our downloads page), explain concisely why the bike was damaged, and provide us with pictures of the damaged parts so that we can evaluate your application.

DARE reserves the right to terminate or reject the use of this service. In the three years after the product purchase date (warranty registration date is not product purchase date), the DARE Crash Replacement Program can only be used once. After the broken product is replaced, it will become the property of DARE.
DARE has the right to cancel or revise these policies without additional notification. Please refer to our official website for the most updated policies.
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