【LAUNCH】GFX 2021 New Color: Wild Blue

This year, a new design - Wild Blue that reflects the spirit of Gravel, has been added to our GFX standard color collections! For the off-road cyclists who want their unique and personal style on full display, the Wild Blue color’s playful graphics are the perfect choice.

【LAUNCH】nabiis x DARE | MR1s ICY Green

Kicking off 2021, we are proud to announce the brand new MR1s frameset, the latest collaboration between nabiis & DARE after a three year hiatus.

【LAUNCH】MR1s Special Edition: Color Ink

DARE’s limited edition colors have always taken inspiration from the relationship between culture and nature, since nature provides so many of the rugged, difficult, and thrilling challenges for cycling.

【GLOBAL】VSRu Received the Best of Golden Pin Design Award 2020

With its outstanding integration and shape design, VSRu stood out from 2333 participants and won the 2020 Best Design Award in the product design category of the Golden Pin Design Award!

【EVENT】"DARE Route: 2020 Wuling Taiwan" Challenge Invitation

DARE Route is inviting all proud owners of a DARE bike to challenge the Wuling route. If you complete all of the conditions below with your DARE bike, you’ll win one of our DARE Route achievement bundles and the chance to try out our newest products before everyone else!
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