【NEW】Optimize Your Speed: VSRu 2023 Upgrade

With an innovative cockpit, optimized aerodynamic design, and upgraded features all-around, the latest VSRu empowers you with the tools to conquer new speeds.

【TEAM】DARE x Bryton Racing Team - Building an Elite Taiwanese Team

As a fellow Taiwanese brand, DARE Bikes fully supports Bryton in their efforts to cultivate and sustain talented Taiwanese cyclists. DARE has provided Bryton team members with road bike MA-AFO, sporting the model’s first custom paint, and time trial bike TSRf, bringing the team not only high-performance machines but also a memorable style.

【TEAM】DARE x Aisan Racing Team

After the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Aisan Racing Team decided to refresh their brand in 2023, upgrading training and equipment and boldly declaring their ambitions: “Take on the world! Become the No.1 team in Asia!”

【NEW】 Ride the Wilderness: GFX New Color – Oasis

Taking inspiration from desert oases, GFX Oasis pairs mineral green decals with a subtle golden background, adding dashes of dark orange details. Oasis calls riders off of unchanging roads, and onto the adventures of mud and grass.

【TEAM】2022 UCI U23 Men's Individual Time Trial Championship

Current Uno-X cyclist Søren Wærenskjold seized a gold medal riding TSRf at the recent Wollongong Road World Championships, beating Belgian favorite Alec Segaert with an impressive time of 16 seconds.
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