The name of the new handlebar/stem, used by our VSRu, was not rigorously verified; and “VERO” is a trademark registered by FSA. It has caused infringement. Hereby, we express our sincere apologies to FSA and stop using the name immediately.

【LAUNCH】VSRu: A Sleek and Balanced Flight with the Wind

In the next stage of the VSR’s evolution, we’ve used “u” for “ultra” to define the design’s incredible performance and style. The VSRu’s exclusive VERO aero handlebars, disk brake cover, integrated cable routing, aerodynamic frame shape, and exquisite hand-painted finish combine to take you on a sleek and balanced flight with the wind.

【GLOBAL】Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

As all our thoughts are on the COVID-19 situation, and since races have been postponed, we've also decided to suspend our spring and early summer events in order to minimize the spread and impact of the virus.

【GLOBAL】Maintaining Your Beloved DARE Bike #DARECARE

Providing the correct care for your beloved bike will ensure that you are set up for the best experience every ride, and will help your bike carry you longer and further. That’s why we consistently encourage everyone to regularly maintain their bike.

【LAUNCH】Limited Edition: "Dancheong" Now Available for Ordering

Kim’s design harmonizes the modern (the cutting-edge technology of DARE Bikes), and the old (traditional Korean patterns). His decals are inspired by the traditional design of 'Dancheong' (단청), used for palaces and temples in Korea 500 years ago.
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