What Makes Us Different?
MYDARE is DARE’s frame color customization system, featuring a range of color palettes designed and selected with utmost care so that riders can easily create a premium DARE bike that matches their personal style.
MYDARE colors are inspired by life and its experiences, each has a different story, each is a visual delight. We hope one resounds with you, sparks the urge to pedal, and embodies your passion for the road.
Uni Palette
Monochrome options finished with subtle, elegant decals, these designs are sleek and timeless.
Theme Palette
Colors and story-telling design intersect in these themed options. Mesmerizing transitions from color to color, with inspiration from nature.
Duo Palette
Elegant interactions of a pair of colors across each frame. These energetic, fluid colors are paired with timeless color paint for a striking, versatile look.
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