【GLOBAL】Maintaining Your Beloved DARE Bike #DARECARE

March 6, 2020



Every year around this time, we publish a piece reminding DARE bike owners to go in for an annual maintenance session (because we know cycling is fun, but cleaning our bikes afterwards is definitely not!).


Providing the correct care for your beloved bike will ensure that you are set up for the best experience every ride, and will help your bike carry you longer and further. That’s why we consistently encourage everyone to regularly maintain their bike. 





Simple Cleaning and Inspection


When: After every ride


First clean the dirt and sweat from your ride off your bike, then inspect whether any foreign objects have damaged the bike. On rainy days it is especially important to wash the entire bike, to avoid possible rusting caused by acidic rainwater. If there was a crash during your ride, check if parts or screws have been damaged, and if they are all functioning properly. If you estimate that it will be a while until the next ride, you can release a bit of tire pressure to help slow down tire deterioration.





Routine Maintenance


When: 3~6 months (depending on frequency of use) after your first ride following the previous maintenance session


After a period of cycling, degradation of the chain oil will start to affect your bike’s power transmission efficiency. We recommend that you bring your bike back to a DARE authorized retailer for a routine checkup, with a focus on cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain, checking the condition of screws, and reviewing the bike’s general condition. This will help your bike stay at its top performance capabilities and look as good as new!





Annual Maintenance


When: 8 months ~ 1 year (depending on frequency of use)


Just like humans and automobiles, after the course of a year’s wear and tear, it’s recommended that bikes be returned to a bike shop for complete disassembly and maintenance. Parts like bearings, cables, and the bottom bracket, should all be readjusted and cleaned. 




DARE’s authorized bike shops enlist trustworthy, knowledgeable, and skilled technicians, are equipped with the best tools for bike cleaning, always pay attention to detail, and bring a rich background of experience. They’re prepared to handle every model of DARE Bikes, and that’s why they’ll be able to give you the most thorough and trustworthy care advice!


With a well-maintained bike, you’ll be well prepared for any adventure!



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