【TEAM】DARE x Uno-X and the Grand Tour in France

June 28, 2023



July is nearly here, which means DARE and the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team are on the way to France, gearing up for our debut together in the world’s premier cycling competition. Bring on our first Grand Tour!




Photograph by A.S.O. at Paris, France 2022



Men’s Grand Tour Debut in France


Not only is Uno-X Women’s WorldTeam returning to the Grand Tour again this year, but the Uno-X men’s team will be challenging this prestigious race for the very first time. At the beginning of our partnership, DARE and Uno-X had already set the ambitious goal of racing a Grand Tour in 2024 as part of the lofty vision for our collaboration. To be able to achieve this one year earlier than planned, via a wildcard invitation, feels unbelievable. Through everyone’s efforts at DARE and Uno-X, we’re here now at the starting line. DARE has invested the resources and technology, honed our design and development, and constantly worked to make our products cutting-edge to assist Uno-X Pro Cycling Team in their quest for top-tier performances in every race. We're so proud of what we’ve achieved, and we'll continue to create with the same energy and passion, ready for all the challenges ahead.




Photographs by Wordup Projects and Szymon Gruchalski, Paris-Roubaix and Critérium du Dauphiné 2023



Achieving the Impossible


Regarding Uno-X Pro Cycling Team’s first time on the Grand Tour stage, General Manager Jens Haugland states, “Success, defined externally, will be based on that ambition of winning a stage. I am satisfied as long as we come close with all we have. We need the stars to align and find diamond legs. Then it is possible.”


Like the team, we at DARE will continuously work to build our experience and skill. At the highest level of cycling the path forward is always arduous, but we’ll keep on racing with the same focus and spirit that brought us to France.





Photograph by Szymon Gruchalski, Tour of Norway 2023 



We’ll continue sharing this incredible journey from our perspective as a first-time competitor on DARE’s official social media, and we hope all of you watching will help us like, share, and cheer on the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team



Photograph by Kjetil Birkedal Pedersen, sykkelfotografen at Norwegian National Championships 2023


Photograph by A.S.O, Saudi Tour




Uno-X’s Machine for the Grand Tour 2023


Top-tier performance is our only focus for the cycling team in 2023. Based on multiple stages of CFD analysis and rider feedback, we’ve upgraded several areas of the VSRu aerobike and TSRf time trial bike for improved aerodynamics. Our normally vibrant frame colors have also been swapped out for a pure carbon fiber style - if there’s a second or millisecond we can shave off, it’s happening, because we’re constantly looking for that next victory!



Photographs by Szymon Gruchalski, Volta Comunitat Valenciana and Critérium du Dauphiné 2023  





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