【NEW】 Ride the Wilderness: GFX New Color – Oasis

Dec. 2nd, 2022





This Christmas season we're releasing an entirely new color for the GFX, Oasis.









Taking inspiration from desert oases, this new frame color pairs mineral green pattern, that mirrors mud splashing up on dirt roads, with a subtle golden background, adding dashes of dark orange details. Oasis calls riders off of unchanging roads, and onto the adventures of mud and grass.






GFX is DARE’s exclusive design for gravel, featuring an adjustable chainstay system that gives riders the optimal experience of off-road. Adjusting the chainstays to 410mm adds a burst of power for races, lengthening them to 425mm results in a comfortable geometry for long-distance riding. No matter what kind of cycling you want to challenge today, GFX is absolutely up for it.






After a hardworking year, treat yourself with a sleek and rewarding Christmas present so you’ll be fully prepared for springtime travels on new wheels!


More details on the GFX design 


Check out the exclusive RealRide cycling socks? 



Oasis GFX frameset (includes frame, fork, and seat post) will be on sale starting December 2nd, 2022. The recommended price is 2530 USD, with a delivery date of 45 days, please contact official DARE retailers to order yours!




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