【GLOBAL】MR1s / MR1sDB Standard Colorway: Maroon

September 12, 2019



We used new material and innovation to give MR1s and MR1sDB a new standard colorway-Maroon, offering riders a classy and unique visual feast.


The maroon option features unique metallic plus hairline texture decals on an elegant matte black background, highlighting the bike’s spirit of lightness.


The excellent technical painting skills and artistry of our craftsmen are able to give the red gradient and the whole bike a sense of subtlety. The red gradient on the head tube symbolizes the rising-hot spirits during a real ride!


Within the red titanium “dragonfly” motifs decal design, the simple fine lines illustrate the rolling hills, the extremely lightweight frame of MR1s and its ability to conquer the mountains.


We invite you to experience our thoughtful paint design for this new standard colorway.






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