【TEAM】DARE x Aisan Racing Team

Feb. 2nd, 2023





Aisan Racing Team is a world-class Japanese cycling team with 18 years of history behind them, showing excellent performances in UCI Asia Tour races and the J ProTour.



After the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Aisan Racing Team decided to refresh their brand in 2023, upgrading training and equipment and boldly declaring their ambitions: “Take on the world! Become the No.1 team in Asia!” To achieve this goal, the team and DARE held several discussions and tests, culminating in an official partnership for this thrilling journey!






Aisan Racing Team member Kusaba Keigo, a former national cycling champion, said of DARE’s bikes, “They are smooth to ride, with an agile response to acceleration, and are steady on downhill sections. I’m looking forward to riding our new bikes in even more challenging races.” We’re excited to see what new heights Aisan Racing Team will reach on DARE bikes!






DARE MA AISAN (Team Edition) - Our design for Aisan Racing Team features a striking glossy white background, with the team’s royal blue color gradually blending into navy blue from the top tube down to the chainstays. The team’s name is embellished in red letters as the final touch, completing a streamlined yet bold racing look.



Learn more at Aisan Racing Team official website




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