【NEW】 Reaching New Heights: VSRu – Mint Blue

Dec. 13th, 2023





Our updated VSRu carried the Uno-X team to outstanding placements in the Tour de France this year, leading to the bike’s new spot as one of DARE’s customer favorites! In gratitude for this year’s accomplishments, we’ve created a unique color in commemoration- Mint Blue.







Compared to the understated composure of Flash Black, Mint Blue dazzles the senses with its refined navy and cheerful mint blues, at times fading into each other, at times staggered in color-block contrast. Affix DARE in big, bold white letters, and we’ve perfected a majestic machine rearing to show off its speed!







Mint Blue is also set to become the designated color of Bryton Racing Team, sponsored by DARE. At the Tour de Okinawa and Taiwan’s National Games this year, Bryton team captain Dean Lu debuted the Mint Blue VSRu, capturing audiences with his excellent performances and of course, eye-catching ride! 







VSRu 2023 features calculated enhancements in aerodynamics, weight, and comfort, bestowing cyclists with a stunningly smooth experience and the inspiration to chase those watts!





Are you looking for a unique, high-performance bike? Look no further than the VSRu, tested on the battleground of Tour de France and wearing the one-of-a-kind colors of Mint Blue!





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