Professional Teams

Dare Viator Partizan (UCI continental cycling team)
Established in 2014, the UCI continental cycling team Dare Viator Partizan has participated in UCI Continental Circuits. The cyclists of Dare Viator Partizan team were all elite cyclists selected from the professional cycling teams of the RM Cyclist Club, Muricia. The RM Cyclist Club aims to promote local sports and encourage the public to take part in local events, and is also keen to engage in charitable activities.
Uno-X Hydrogen Development Team (UCI continental cycling team)
Uno-X Hydrogen Development Team is organized by Uno-X and the two topmost cycling clubs in Norway, Ringerike Sykkelklubb and Lillehammer CykleKlubb, with the goal of cultivating excellent cyclists with positive attitudes and good sportsmanship. It has been celebrating the culture of competitive cycling in Norway.
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