Crash Replacement

A. Policy of "Crash Replacement Program"
Since the frames are made of carbon fiber, if they are damaged or go through a crash, they may crack or break and become unsuitable for riding. With our “DARE Crash Replacement Program”, you can purchase a new bike of the same or similar type at a discounted price (non-DARE products are not included, such as wheels, gear shifters, saddles, and so on). This offer is viable within three years from the product delivery date.

The crash replacement program works like this: After you purchase a DARE bike, please register your bike on our website immediately, and you will be qualified for the “DARE Crash Replacement Program”. If your bike crashes within three years of product purchase date, this service allows you to purchase another frame of the same or similar type at a discounted price. When you intend to use this service, please contact us via email or by phone (customer service email:; customer service phone number: 02-8693-2330). In the meantime, please explain concisely why the bike was damaged, and provide us with pictures of the damaged parts so that we can assess how to carry out the replacement.

If we find that the damage was done on purpose, DARE has the right to turn down the replacement request. You can only use the “DARE Crash Replacement Program” once within three years of the product purchase date. After the damaged product is replaced, the damaged product will be regarded as the property of DARE.
B. Discount price of the “Crash Replacement Program” (For Reference Only)
  • Frame
  • Fork
  • Handlebar
  • Seatpost
Suggested price
Purchase within 1 year
(50% off)
Purchase within 1-2 year
(30% off)
Purchase within 2-3 year
(20% off)
DARE has the right to cancel or revise the policy without additional notification. Please refer to the latest policies on our official website.
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