Theme Palette


MYDARE’s Theme Palette: Four Season series is based on the beautiful, ever-changing landscapes that whiz by on our rides. There’s blue-pink, green-gold, red-black, and gray-white options to represent each season in a year. Our designers lifted hues from nature’s transformations over time and created unique gradient color options in line with DARE’s style and reflecting the MYDARE spirit. Show off the color that best describes your riding adventures, and we’re sure it’ll become a new classic in your collection. 






Depicts the pale to sapphire blues of a morning sky in spring, highlighted by cherry blossom pink for an eyecatching look.





Energetic summer green is contrasted here with summer sun gold, a brilliant combination.






Maple red, the best representation of autumn, is layered with black to create a striking and confident palette.






A pristine blend of gray and white, subtle but always stylish.




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