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Quick Setting
suitable for novice riders
Quick Setting is for those who are unfamiliar with the bike sizing process. Simply enter your height and inside leg data, and we will provide sizing advice and leave room for future adjustment.
Learn more about TSR fitting, including “Stem Length”, “Extended Bar”, “Elbow Pad Adjustment”, and “Types of Extended Bar”, and other fine size adjustments.
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Integrated Handlebar
All carbon molded integrated handlebar, comparing with the separate stem and handlebar combination, we offer up to 12 sizes to choose from. Please see the chart for comparison.
MyDARE Stem Change Offer
Once you find that the stem doesn’t fit you, you can replace the old stem with a new stem of a different size for free!
Now you can save the hassle with DARE’s “Stem Change Offer”! When you purchase a DARE bike online, in addition to freely selecting a stem of the right size, you can ask for a second stem within one month of receiving the product. This means that you will get a brand new stem for free!
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