Oasis pairs mineral green decals with a subtle golden background, adding dashes of dark orange details.
    Oasis calls riders off of unchanging roads, and onto the adventures of mud and grass.
    The end of the asphalt can’t stop us from exploring our beautiful world, and the gravel path ahead promises even more thrilling rides.
    GFX’s exclusive chainstay adjustment system and the maximum tire width setting of 45c can also provide further riding options to riders!
    The end of the asphalt can’t stop us from exploring our beautiful world, and the gravel path ahead promises even more thrilling rides.
    Do you jump at the opportunity of new adventures and fresh riding experiences? GFX keeps up with you no matter the terrain, always bringing the performance you need.
  • [Variable Chainstay]
    In contrast to traditional road bikes with only standard tire width options and short chainstays, the GF series caters to a variety of tire widths and performance needs. To surpass the limits of needing long chainstays for wide tires, we designed an adjustable rear dropout system, V-CS, capable of ten length settings ranging from 410mm to 425mm.

    The V-CS system can be fine tuned to suit a variety of riding needs. Short chainstays provide the advantages and performance of a racing frame’s geometry. Longer chainstay length results in more stability when turning or traveling long distances, and also fits larger tires (650b x 2.25”) that work wonderfully on rugged terrain.
  • [Multiple Tire Sizes]
    In response to different needs for different terrain, the DARE GF series accommodates several types of tires. Other than 700 x 25c to the largest 700 x 45c road bike tire sets, mountain bike tires from 2.1” to 650b x 2.25” also fit the GFX. If tires smaller than 700 x 33c are installed, a fork cap on the inner side of the GFX’s fork helps keep the bike’s form clean.
  • [14 Degree Flare Handlebar]
    To top off the GFX’s amazing handling, DARE developed the ERGO 14, flared handlebars that offer high maneuverability when moving downhill over rough terrain.
  • [Lower Position Battery]
    Di2 batteries can be mounted on the down tube near the bottom bracket, maintaining the bike’s clean aesthetic and allowing seat post adjustment for various terrain requirements, as well as the installation of dropper posts.
all size chart (mm)
Frame size
42 (XS) 45 (S) 48 (M) 50 (L) 52 (XL)
Height (cm)
160 I 170 166 I 176 172 I 182 178 I 188 184 I 194
ST lengthA
420 450 480 500 520
Effective TTB
505 522 539 556 573
HT lengthC
110 130 150 170 190
RC lengthD
410 410 410 410 410
986 989 1002 1015 1027
HT angleF
70 70.75 71 71.25 71.25
ST angleG
74.5 74.25 74 73.75 73.5
BB dropH
75 75 75 75 75
362 364 373 381 389
537 560 579 600 620
742 766 789 810 829
FK lengthL
400 400 400 400 400
Integrated Handlebar
All carbon molded integrated handlebar, comparing with the separate stem and handlebar combination, we offer up to 12 sizes to choose from. Please see the chart for comparison.
MyDARE Stem Change Offer
Once you find that the stem doesn’t fit you, you can replace the old stem with a new stem of a different size for free!
Now you can save the hassle with DARE’s “Stem Change Offer”! When you purchase a DARE bike online, in addition to freely selecting a stem of the right size, you can ask for a second stem within one month of receiving the product. This means that you will get a brand new stem for free!
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